…of the Sharingan!! (写輪眼の…!!, Sharingan

…of the Sharingan!! (写輪眼の…!!, Sharingan
no…!! ) is chapter 688 of the Naruto manga.
Obito asks Rin to wait just a little bit longer, noting that he wanted to help Kakashi who was currently unable to contribute to the
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Sasuke’s Answer (サスケの答え, Sasuke no Kotae)


Sorry for posting this late and there won’t be any downloading the English sub in a while we just have to steam online as a Japanese friend told me they blocked web anime so I will recommend narutoget.. But here’s the synopsis of last episode provided by narutopedia
Sasuke’s Answer (サスケの答え, Sasuke no Kotae) is episode 370 of the Naruto:
Shippūden anime.
After Madara’s Susanoo -clad Kurama was shattered by a thousand punches , he and Hashirama managed to face each other directly. As Hashirama fell, Madara noted that unlike all the other times, he was the one left standing. Continue reading

My True Dream (本当の夢, Hontō no Yume)


My True Dream (本当の夢, Hontō no Yume) is episode 369 of the Naruto: Shippūden
With the Uchiha and the Senju clans forming an alliance, Madara and Hashirama ‘s childhood dreams of a village where children were not sent to battle had come to fruition. The village itself would ally with the Land of Fire..
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People Who Left and People Who Leave Something ( 忘れ物をした左と人物人物)


People Who Left and People Who Leave Something ( 忘れ物をした左と人物人物) is chapter 686 of the Naruto
Hagoromo ‘s spirit informs the Hokage of the what happened after the Infinite
Tsukuyomi was cast. He also informs them that due to Madara ‘s lower half still
containing a part of the Ten-Tails ‘, Indra ‘s and Ashura ‘s chakras, they fully
combined, resulting in his spirit finally coming out. Continue reading

Everything I’ve Got.


Everything I’ve Got…!! is chapter 685 of the Naruto manga.
successfully entering Kaguya’s dimension , Sakura makes her intentions clear before
Naruto ‘s disintegrating shadow clone disperses, causing the events to be relayed to
him. With this, he charges forward intent on distracting Kaguya until his allies
could retrieve Sasuke .
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